Cosmic C Great Loop Leg 5

Welcome to the web log of Leg 5, the last leg of the Great Loop Cruise of Patrick and Mary Fowles in our 25’ C Dory Cosmic C. This leg took us from Cutter Marine on the Middle River off the Chesapeake Bay, where the Cosmic C was stored for the winter, to our island in the St Lawrence River from whence we started in August, 2006. Our Great Loop cruise has taken us 5948 miles through many rivers, 8 canals, 22 lakes, a gulf, an ocean, and 106 locks. We’ve seen many unusual and beautiful places and met many friendly and interesting people. Most importantly, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed traveling some of the waterways of the Eastern USA together in our small home-away-from-home. It has been a wonderful experience, and the pleasure it has given us is now tinged a little with some sadness that it is now over.

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