From Essex to Annapolis for Repairs.

I drove down to Cutter Marine in Essex, MD (where the Cosmic C had been stored for the winter) on Saturday morning with most of the stuff for the boat. After cleaning up the boat and loading everything on board, I was on my way at 1145. The bay was a little choppy, but I had a following wind and reached the Bert Jabin Marina in just under three hours. My timing was perfect since the wind switched to the South not long after I arrived, and it would have been a very bumpy ride down had it done so earlier, especially since the trim tabs had stopped working over the winter. The Cosmic C was back in Annapolis to have a new floor installed in the cockpit by A&B Yachtsmen. We had noticed the floor becoming very spongy last year, and after much frustration and difficult communications during the winter, C Dory finally agreed the repair was covered under the 5-year hull warranty. I spent some of the afternoon talking to the owner of Sail Annapolis who was having an open house for C Dory sales at the marina. I gave him the boat keys and he promised to get them to A & B on Monday. Mary arrived shortly after seven, and we had an excellent dinner at Sam’s, a nice restaurant on the water less than a mile from the marina. We slept on board, and drove home the next day via Cutter where I picked up the other car.

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