28 Albany Dock

Catskill Marina, Catskill, NY to Mechanicville, NY.

We left Catskill Marina after light breakfast and wonderful showers, which we really needed after the lack of facilities in NYC, and stopped at Albany town dock to do some sightseeing. We visited the City Hall, the Capital Building (where we joined a tour for a bit), and then walked all the way to the General Schuyler House only to find it closed.  After stopping at Jack’s (we wish people could age as well as Jack’s!) for lunch, we returned to the C to find that the heat had caused the hydraulic fluid in the steering to expand and leak. Our first locking experience of the trip at the Troy lock wasn’t pretty.  I had chosen the East wall because of the NW wind, but since the dock was empty when we went in, the wind was caught at the top and actually curled down the wall and was pushing us off the wall at the bottom.  I finally caught the pipe on the 4th try!  The dock master yelled that I should have been on the other side, as if I didn’t know. We stopped at the floating dock for a Price Chopper market shortly after passing Waterford and got ice and supplies.  Then on up through Locks 1 and 2 of the Champlain Canal with no problems at all, finally stopping at the Mechanicville town dock just below Lock 3.  We walked into town for a while, then sat and had rusty nails while we watched some local boys jumping off the dock.  Mary cooked a light supper, and we were in bed by 2100 hrs.

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