51 Montreal Old Port Marina

Marine Port de Plaisance to the Old Port Marina, Montreal, QE.

After a leisurely morning on the C, we left the Marina Port de Plaisance for the short trip over to the Old Port Marina.  I had to back in again, but there was a very polite young lady waiting for us at our mooring and she was a big help.  We had lunch at a small restaurant nearby which had a fairly large TV showing the Formula 1 race, and lingered over our beers until the end of the race. We then spent part of the afternoon wandering about Montreal’s Old City despite the heat and humidity, and had thought to see the Imax before supper but the timing was not right.  However, we noticed that the Cirque de Soleil was in town right next to the marina and saw that show instead.  After the show, which was excellent as usual, we just had time to walk up to the restaurant at the Hotel Bonaparte for a very nice meal.  Then back to the C to try to sleep in the heat and humidity.  We had the hatch wide open, and on one of my night walks I noticed an animal coming down the dock.  It was only when the animal put its forepaws up onto the C did I realize that it was a raccoon. I quickly closed the hatch, and eventually the raccoon left, but we slept the rest of the night with the hatch just cracked open.  Mary slept through all of this, but was horrified about how close we might have come to having a raccoon in bed with us.

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