The 4th Annual Chesapeake C Dory Gathering.

We arrived back at Bert Jabin’s Marina in the early afternoon of Friday, June 6 to find the Cosmic C all spruced up with a brand new cockpit floor and a new trim tab pump. After returning the rental car, paying our bills, and shopping for provisions, we were off across the Chesapeake Bay to the Lankford Bay Marina just off the Chester River to attend the 4th Annual Chesapeake Bay C Dory Gathering organized by Tom McHugh. Once again our weather luck held; the bay was calm and the ride smooth, but it sure was hot and humid, with temperatures in the mid 90’s. We and and Lone Ranger, a 21EC C-Ranger tug, were the last of 27 boats to arrive and we quickly cleaned up, prepared our contributions to the pot luck dinner, and joined the crowd. On Saturday we took the trolley into Chestertown for a few hours of strolling, shopping, and a nice lunch. In the evening, with the heat and humidity a little more bearable, we all had a superb meal (Tom’s crab balls are to die for), created (un)forgettable music as the world’s only stationary marching kazoo band, and listened with great pleasure to Tom’s extraordinary banjo playing, singing, and story-telling, often accompanied by Fred on spoons and Mikey on bass. Later in the evening Mother Nature added her applause for all the hard work done by Tom and several other helpers in putting together this event in the form of a rip-roaring thunderstorm.

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