09 Killarney

We Reach Killarney

The sun shone but the wind continued to intensify on Tuesday, and we spent another day in the protected cove. Mary worked on the computer, Pat read, and in the evening we watched a movie on our small TV/DVD player.  We had put a second anchor out, but the main anchor never moved.  A very tame loon came to visit us on several occasions.

Wednesday dawned sunny and calm, and we left our cove and cruised into Parry Sound to get water, gas, and visit an internet cafe.  Heading northwest again, we cruised slowly through narrow channels between rocks and woods, and speedily across long stretches of open water, to arrive in Killarney by evening.  Here we enjoyed being moored next to sailboats and an enormous yacht at the Mountain Lodge, a rustic resort once owned by a trucking company and frequented by Jimmy Hoffa. Tomorrow brings us to the North Channel and more unforgettable scenery and picturesque small towns.

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