Phoenix Town Dock 1

Pine Tree Island to Phoenix, NY.

Since the river was so calm, we decided to take the Starcraft to the Chippewa Yacht Club in preparation for winter storage before leaving on our cruise. Mary drove the Starcraft and I followed in the C. I left the C idling at the end of the concrete dock while I helped Mary tie up the Starcraft (her broken arm was still healing). Shortly after we left at 0937 hrs, the overheating siren sounded and the C’s engine automatically cut to idle. Hoping that this was just the water intake getting blocked by weed due to the low river water level (this had happened before), I stopped the engine, restarted it, and carried on. The engine then ran perfectly all day. The lake was almost flat calm until about 15 miles off Oswego, when 1’ to 2’ swells developed. The Oswego lock was open as we arrived, and we locked through with three trawlers, one in front and two behind. Unfortunately the trawlers cruised at about 8 mph despite the 30mph speed limit on much of the Oswego Canal and we felt obliged to stay in line. We would probably have had to wait for them at the next lock anyway, and so we slowly made our way through all seven locks to the Phoenix town dock. After walking around town (which had little to offer), Mary made a superb supper and we read in bed.

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