Merrickville to Colonel Bi Island, ON.

Had breakfast in town at Brewed Awakening, where we were amused by a letter about what it would take to build a ramp up to the second floor of the local library to satisfy access requirements.  We then walked down to the library and found it closed, but we were able to get our email on my iPhone since the wifi was on. We stopped at Smith Falls at noon and were helped at the town dock by a talkative fellow boater who, when Mary noted that he wore hearing aids, was more than willing to tell us all about every detail of his Oticon Dual units. After visiting the Rideau Museum and walking around town, we had lunch at the Kilt and Castle, where the waitress had a funny accent, the soup was bland, but the pot pie was superb. At 1645 hrs. we arrived at the park on Colonel By island, where I made the mistake of trying to fit into the last space on the first dock we saw and hitting bottom in the process. Although there was no damage, I was irritated at myself when we found plenty of room at a second dock around the headland. There were quite a few campers, no facilities other than toilets, and Mary was a little chagrined that I hadn’t realized how much she had wanted to anchor out. Still, we had an interesting talk with a family who had several foster kids with them, another great supper on board, and a peaceful night’s sleep.

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