Underneath the Brockport Lift Bridge

Pittsford to Holley, NY.

Pittsford is an upscale canal town, almost a suburb of Rochester. It has a Birkenstock store right on the canal and several nice restaurants. We ate breakfast at Simply Crepes after walking around the town, and then headed up the canal to the Genesee River and Rochester, where we moored next to the new Corn Hill development. Walking across the bridge just below the first of the two Genesee River falls, we were amazed at the size of some trees that had washed down the river and were lodged against the dam and walls. It must have been quite a flood to put them there! In Rochester the city information office lady warned us that Lake Ontario was too rough for a 25-foot boat. We visited the Strong Museum of Play but decided not to go in, and had a great lunch at the Dinosaur BBQ. Back on the Erie we began to negotiate the 15 lift bridges that dot the sixty +/- mile stretch of the canal before the last two locks at Lockport. As with the locks, we almost never had to wait more than a few minutes for a bridge, and the bridge masters were universally friendly and courteous. The bridge master at Holley, where we stayed for the night, knew all about C Dories, the C-Brats, and Wild Blue, etc. Holley’s town dock is next to a pretty park with a gazebo and octagonal building with toilets and showers, and a very nice lighted path up to town which for some reason we didn’t take when we went into town for groceries, etc. and our usual walk around. When we got back a cyclist was setting up a small pup tent next to us and a trawler had docked nearby. Another tasty dinner before bed.

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