Colonel By Island to Cranberry Lake, ON.

After breakfast two of our neighbors helped us leave our shallow birth, but we still touched bottom gently on the way out.  Again no damage.  We stopped at Westport, ON for gas and groceries, and found a nice little town which caters to boaters with $2 showers close to the dock. At Newboro we visited one of the few stores in the town, but what a store! Originally a normal small town store, the owners have, over the years, bought several adjacent houses and incorporated them into a single huge store stocking a tremendous variety of goods. We bought some gourmet relishes and other foods as a gift for Sev and Jules. At Jones Falls we had to wait 45 minutes as boats were coming up the 4-lock ladder, so we visited the famous dam (at 60’ the highest dam in North America and third highest in the world when completed in 1831). Much to Mary’s delight we spent our final night of the trip at anchor in a beautiful cove off Cranberry Lake. The anchor did not set well because of the heavy weeds, but it was so calm that we were quite safe. We spent a beautiful evening in this peaceful place and later heard coyotes baying at the moon.

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