50 Canadian Grand Prix W'end

Marina Saurel to Marina Port de Plaisance, Longeuil, QE.

After showers and a nice breakfast at the marina restaurant it was a leisurely cruise up the St Lawrence to the Marina Port de Plaisance opposite Montreal. We couldn’t get into the Old Port Marina until tomorrow night because Montreal was crowded with race fans for the Montreal Grand Prix on Sunday. We decided to walk to the nearest Metro stop rather than take the ferry and headed off in the direction we were told next to a busy dual lane highway.  We were trying to figure out exactly where to go when we met a couple of old ladies who took us to the station.  They were going to the casino to bet on the Belmont (only $2!). We got off at Peal St, had lunch nearby, and walked around downtown, both above and belowground.  Several streets were blocked off for racing car exhibits and entertainment.  I went to look at some cars while Mary shopped. On the way back we found a much nicer route from the station through the town of Longeuil, and stopped for beers at a little bistro where a drunken patron serenaded us. He actually had a great voice.  We sat in the back of the C for rusty nails and a light supper before bed.  The last couple of days have been so hot that the only way to get some sleep has been to lie naked without any covers, and with the hatch wide open.    

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